About uS

The Iranian Jewish community has thrived for over 2,700 years, keeping Jewish traditions alive despite all the hardships and problems. When the Iranian Revolution brought us to New York, our founders worked very hard to maintain our traditions from how we lived in Iran as one community. Regardless of religious levels or beliefs, our synagogue followed the same footsteps as our sister synagogue Ahavat Shalom in Yousef Abad, Tehran. When we started building this synagogue in Great Neck with the support of the entire community, even though we faced the challenges of immigration, our goal was to grow with the same traditions and values that our ancestors followed for thousands of years. Our foremost principle was to always respect each other no matter what religious background we came from.

Thanks to our founders and supporters, today we are the center for Sepharadic Judaism in New York and we have been able to further grow out Iranian Jewish traditions. Within a short period of time, we have been successful in developing the first Sepharadic elementary school on Long Island, adjoining our synagogue, were we teach our children the same values that have kept us united for many years. Ahavat Shalom also offers many programs, such as Shabbat functions for all different ages, weeknight learning engagements for children, and Talmud Torah classes for youngsters who attend public schools. Our sisterhood and brotherhood coordinate many different events for our elder member, as well as gatherings for various holiday occasions, and many other events that are happening on a daily basis. Our mission is to keep this tradition alive, and with supporting Ahavat Shalom, we can fulfill the dreams of our forefathers with continuing to follow our beloved traditions for generations to come.