Ahavat Shalom Price List & Services Offered

20% Discount for Congeregation Members

Referrral Discounts to our Current Members

Youth & Young Adults Programs

Monday Night Classes – Boys & Girls Torah Class for ages 6-12
Tuseday Night Classes – Parasha Class for High School Girls
Thursday Night Classes – Parasha Class for Boys 13+

Shabbat Youth Minyan Kiddush
Children’s Shabbat Program
Snack, Poppers & Prizes for the Chilren Program

Youth Holiday Programs and Event (Holiday Chagigah, Carnivals, Trips, Etc.)

Sponosrship Opprtunities

Shabbat Lunch: Kiddush Sponosrship
Seudah Shlishit (Per family for basic spread.)
Rosh Hodesh Kiddush Opportunity
Rosh Hodesh Breakfast
Minyan Breakfast
Chumash Sponsorship
Siddur Sponsorship

Youth & Young Adults Shabatonim

Youth Shabbatons
Youth Day Trips
Youth Shabbaton Trip Away

Program Sponsorship Opportunities

Weekly Senior Citizens Program & Lunch
Weekly Ladies Class
Men’s Club Presentations & Events

To Sponsor a Plaque in memory of a loved one on our memorial board
Call the office- 516-482-4228