Ahavat Shalom Youth is one of the hottest and fastest growing programs in the community. Our recently rejuvinated youth is taking New York by storm with many different activites for all ages. From 3-23 you can find a program that fits for you at Ahavat Shalom. With weekly classes and monthly trips the youth will always have something to look forward to.

Ahavat Shalom Youth has been Growing immensly since our revamp in 2017. We have monthly trips all around NY. Our summers are filled with amazing trips from NY to California to Canada, Ahavat Shalom Youth does it all and we create memories that last a lifetime. Here you can see some of our amazing memories. To join our new youth movement and for opportunites to sponsor contact our Youth President: Ariel Shayesteh (516) 524-2317


Pizza and Parsha for Elementary School Children 



Sushi and Inspiration for High School Girls 



Torah and Munch for High School Boys 



Kids Program and Parsha for Pre and Elementary School Children 


Upcoming Youth Events

Below you can see flyers for all of our upcoming events Call 516-524-2317 for more info

Youth Gallary